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Love Beyond the Moon

Pentacle Earrings

Pentacle Earrings

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Hand Built Chandelier Pentacle Earrings

2 crescent moons, fixed with fire, sit either side of a flashing Moonstone - creating the Triple Moon Goddess effect.

2 further rainbow Moonstones and a vivid Garnet hang from the twig style pentacle, adorned with ornate silver leaves

Hand made earhooks from .925 silver  with rounded ends for comfort

Surprisngly lightweight, each earring measures: Approx 65x30mm (including ear hooks)

All metal used is Sterling Silver purchased from the UK and stamped .925 on the back of the pendant


Pentacles hold profound magical significance, revered for their rich history and powerful symbolism.

Comprised of a five-pointed star enclosed within a circle, each facet of the pentacle carries deep meaning. Representing the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, the pentacle embodies balance and harmony in the natural world.

Made by hand in my tiny studio, each creation is one of kind

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