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Love Beyond the Moon

Triple Moon Goddess Necklace

Triple Moon Goddess Necklace

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The Triple Moon Goddess Necklace ~ fit for a high priestess!

A vivid Garnet nestles between 2 crescents, forming a triple moon goddess affect. Below a luminous and glowing Selenite, reminisce of the lunar goddess herself. Surrounded by an ornate border of delicate leaves and hand made sterling flower.

- the back is stamped .925 and a forest scene

- Hung on an 18" darkened Sterling Silver chain

 - all metal is entirely solid Sterling Silver

- pendant measures approx: Height 30mm x Width 38mm

* Selenite is a super soft gem, not often used in lapidary for this reason, store in a box or pouch when not in use, any tiny scratches can be buffed out with a soft cloth, a thin oil or even vaseline. 


In Witchcraft - and especially the tales of the mystical Isle of Avalon, the High Priestess holds a position of profound significance, embodying the divine feminine and serving as a conduit between the earthly realm and the spiritual planes. Revered as a guardian of ancient wisdom and sacred mysteries, the High Priestess channels the energies of the moon, intuition, and the subconscious mind. She is a keeper of esoteric knowledge, guiding initiates on their spiritual journey and imparting teachings passed down through generations.

With her connection to the lunar cycles, she symbolizes the ever-changing cycles of life, death, and rebirth. As a symbol of intuition, she encourages seekers to trust their inner guidance and delve into the depths of their subconscious to uncover hidden truths. 

In rituals, the High Priestess often presides over ceremonies, invoking the blessings of the Goddess and facilitating magical workings. Through her wisdom, grace, and connection to the divine feminine, the High Priestess illuminates the path of spiritual seekers and fosters a deeper connection to the sacred mysteries of the universe.

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