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Love Beyond the Moon

Avalonian Dragon Rollerball Necklace

Avalonian Dragon Rollerball Necklace

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Avalonian Dragon Rollerball/Vial Holder Necklace ~ Baltic Amber & Rainbow Moonstone set in Sterling Silver

An ancient looking perfume holder or treasure keeper, comes complete with an extra vial and a detatchment tool for easy removal of the rollerball. Just add your own oils or remove the rollerball and use as a vial for keepsakes. Comes with dried flowers from my garden and tiny blue-flashing Moonstones to make your oils even more beautiful.

Featuring a tiny cast silver dragon; the symbol of Avalonian protection and Arthurian times. Triquetra symbols adorn either side and a makers tag .925, a celtic heart and crescent moon at the back. Twisted vines and leaves adorn the top, holding a rainbow flashing Moonstone above an 8mm Baltic Amber button.

- cap twists off for easy and secure access

- Hangs on a fixed length 30" darkened silver chain

- Pendant measures: (Inc vial) Height 85mm x Width (largest point) 40mm

- All metal is Sterling Silver

- From *The Mists of Avalon* collection

Avalon is a mythological ancient lost-city. The world of the Fae and worship of the mother-goddess, an entire culture lost to the mists when humanity turned in a different direction and shunned the feminine. In Arthurian times, Avalon existed simultaneously to where Glastonbury stands, but had shut entry to most humans, It was only accessible through 'The Mists' by those who had Avalonian heritage, certain supernatural gifts or invitation by The Goddess. Avalonian women had 'gifts' ~ namely 'The Sight' an ability to see into the future or read intentions. They were also healers, working closely with nature and The Goddess. The most infamous of these women being 'Morgan Le Fay' a powerful sorceress, the last of her kind to walk both worlds, trained in Avalon as a priestess. Known in modern times as the Queen or Goddess of Witches. 🔮🌙

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