About me

Hello! I'm Sarah and I'm based in the North of England, UK. I've been creating Gemstone jewellery since 2013.

My main interests, which I weave into my designs, are in raising frequency and vibration, exploring natural healing, and sharing stories of myth & magick - especially tales of the 'otherworlds' or lost-lands such as Avalon, Atlantis & Lemuria.

I have a fascination with witchcraft, paganism and herbalism, as well as the mysteries of ancient cultures, symbols & sites. I can often be found wandering a gothic graveyard, buying trinkets in a witchy shop or at one of Britain's many stone circles.

My small business has always helped me stay connected to other spiritually awakened and curious souls and i'm constantly grateful that many people who are on similar paths connect with my work. I hand build and design every piece with much love and wishes for the wearer.

Over the last few years I've moved towards creating jewellery where all components are Sterling Silver, as I have a nickle allergy (an estimated 9-15% of women also do). This has given me the opportunity to create jewellery that is stronger and can last for decades, even generations, as well as using rarer and higher quality Gemstones to create unique pieces of art you can treasure. 

Stonehenge at dawn
☆ For Lovers of Myth and Magick ☆